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Welcome to 5M 

5M has many fun learning spaces in their classroom. Their teacher is Miss Mulligan and there are 26 students in the class. When they are learning they work both in groups and independently. There is a small room in their class for independent work. They often work with with 6H for REAL Projects and Literacy. 5M use the the Deep Learning Skills of Critical Thinking, Reflecting, Collaborating, Communicating and Creating and Innovating to produce quality tasks. When they complete tasks they critique their own work and the work of others to improve. 

Children's University

Each student in Years 3-6 have a Children's University Passport. The Passport is for recording extra-curricular activities that count towards 'Learning Hours'. Students can earn hours by attending clubs outside of school or creating recounts, summaries or reviews of activities they have done. Hours can also be earned by participating in clubs and teams during lunchtimes. A limit of 10 hours is placed on each activity. Students who earn 30 hours or more before October will be able to graduate at Newcastle University. Will you be one of our graduates? 


Each week 5M students complete spelling, maths and reading activities for homework. Each fortnight Stage 3 students complete a research task based on our REAL Project. Last fortnight we made cameras from different time periods, they look great!


Each student in the school has an iPad to assist them in developing 21st Century Learning skills. In 5M we use the range of apps on our iPads for: 

  • Planning our quality tasks 
  • Completing tasks in a creative way 
  • Presenting and sharing our work with others 
  • Practicing skills 

Real Projects 

Each year Stages complete 3 REAL Projects. These projects allow us to make a difference in our community. This term our REAL Project in Stage 3 is to update the Cessnock East Public School website. To do so we have critiqued quality websites and made many drafts to make sure that we give a quality representation of our school.

What's happening in 5M

Miss Mulligan likes to do STEM with 5M. Last week she taught us how to build a bridge out of just 30 straws! The winning team's bridge held 3.6kg, how amazing is that?